Projects I’ve worked on over the years.

  • audivioPersonal

    Audience discovery tool for the livestreaming space.

  • DiggingClipsPersonal

    Tool that helps you discover viral content in any niche on TikTok.

  • SaaSfyiPersonal

    Database of software products with data on pricing, employees, and web traffic.

  • TrendingAIsPersonal

    Database of the fastest growing AI products.

  • ExplodingCommunitiesPersonal

    Database product with the fastest growing online communities.

  • WriterAdsPersonal

    List of large newsletters that run paid ads on the Meta platforms.

  • FounderFindsPersonal

    Newsletter for founders, entrepreneurs, and makers to stay in-the-know about business opportunities and trends.

  • CommunityValidatedPersonal

    Newsletter with thoroughly research business ideas, read by thousands.

  • RocketflowFreelance

    Platform for real-estate agents and asbestos removal companies in Belgium.

  • LeWagonFreelance

    One of the worlds leading Data Science bootcamps.

  • FoxIntelligenceFreelance

    Market intelligence company focused on consumer insights.